The Amdahl family migrated from Sauda, Norway (South Western Norway) and departed for the United States from Stavanger, Norway.


There were two immigrations:

Ove and Lisbeth (brother and sister) immigrated from Norway in 1875 and eventually

settled in Story County, Iowa.


Lisbeth changed her name to Elizabeth and married Knute Danielson, probably in Norway.


Ove changed the spelling of the last name from “Amdahl” to “Amdall” to avoid confusion

with the many other “Amdahl’s” in the area.


The rest of the family  immigrated in 1880. Allchanged their last name to “Amdall”


Gunnar Larsson (Larsen in Martha's obituary) Amdahl (1819 - September 23, 1880)

married Marta (name changed to Martha after migrating to the US) Ovesdatter Mosbakka

(1826 - December 11, 1895) on July 5, 1847, in Sauda, Norway.


Both Gunnar and Martha are buried in Roland, Iowa.


Note that Gunnar died shortly after immigrating to the US in 1880.

Martha was the daughter of Ove Tormodsen Mosbakka (1795-1868) and

Ragnild Samuelsdatter Risvoll (1792-1878)