The Amdall Family Name

If your family name is "Amdall" then you are probably descended from Gunnar and Martha Amdall and from one of their four sons:

  • Ove (October 18, 1851{Norway} - December 8, 1937)
  • Lars (November 4, 1853 {Norway} – May 2, 1941)
  • Gunnar (who went by his middle name, George) (1863-1935)
  • Knut (1868-1942)

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Gunnar and Martha (Marta) Amdall

Immigration to the US

Lisbeth (Elizabeth) Amdall (1849-1933) married Knute Danielson (August 21, 1845-October 10, 1916) and had three children. It is unclear if Lisbeth and Knute

married in the US or in Norway, although Knute’s obituary says that they were

married in 1871 and immigrated in 1875.

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Ove and Agatha Amdall

Lars and Jane Amdall

Ragnild G. Amdall (1856-1951) married Peter Peterson and they had two children.

Martha Amdall (1858- June 13, 1891) died shortly after migrating to the US. No record of any marriage. One story says that she was the youngest, born in 1863 and died at age 18, possibly in Norway. has her dying

in the US at age 33 and her gravestone in Story County, IA, is at findagravecom.

Anna Marie Amdall (1861 – 1938) married Rasmus (Ross) Anderson and they had three children.

Gunnar (George) and Anna Amdall

Knut and Bertha Amdall